Pangleode is a world of many lands, each in various states of imbalance.

Each land is apparently finite in size, and roughly corresponds to a small kingdom, usually dominated by a city or other urban center.

The lands are connected in various ways, most by underground rivers, and some by “lightning touch points”. The Lajma are the race of dwarves who travel the underground rivers in their screwpods, bringing goods and services to the lands.

The lands and the beings who live on each land are intimately linked, and an equilibrium between all the beings brings about a healthy and prosperous state for all the beings, and the land itself. However, there are a number of imbalancing factors that cause harm to the lands and the people who live there: The Carshinogod, who are green and white dragons that burrow between lands and kill the beings that live there; the demons and devils of the Undercrust, who, when they over-reach their own realms, try to break through to the surface, causing spiritual malaise; the Sarcohydrites, who are red and black dragons who feast upon the elements and power nexuses of Pangleode, including the lightning touch points. There are also plain evil beings in various forms who disrupt the balance of Pangleode. Sometimes a new balance, a change, overcomes parts of Pangleode and a being that appears to be a destroyer may not be evil, but just an agent of change and of “re-balance”.