PCs open chests in Murcaado’s Lair, some of them are trapped, but no lasting harm comes to them (Squarescales has -4 temporary strength damage). Within the chests are 100,000 gp worth of art objects, coins and a suit of magic armor. Frengele also skins Murcaado and gets two masterwork and one normal hide armor’s worth of scales from the dragon.

Near the chests was a cone of incense that caused the PCs to have a vision: Angels like bugs on their bodies, the angels are swept away and a great green and glittering vista opens before them. Bronchlin appears, with Bludfase on his back. Bronchlin points to a river going east, and then points to himself. The vision ends and the PCs can understand the music of the musicians.

The party breaks through the ice and discovers a rushing river below. They take the very heavy chests and dive into the east-flowing river, pulling the chests along with them. A short time later a trap door appears in the underground river. Hidmiquu fails to get his chest out of the hole, but Squarescales casts web and catches him before he and the chest float away.

Inside the trapdoor, the PCs are greeted by a gruff dwarven guard. They appear to be in Diastchlin. Eventually, the Dwarves let the PCs go and they are able to return to their apartments in the city. They are informed by Tweftwim that Bronchlin is intent on leaving the city to visit his lord Menduga at Central Ventral and that he is choosing a new Hand.

The PCs go to Bronchlin’s palace temple and see U’ulgan there. U’ulgan agrees that they should barge in on the meeting and say their peace. They do so and are greeted warmly by the Gold Dragon God Bronchlin. There are debates on both sides about who should be the Hand; Bludfase thinks it should be a dwarf as Diastchlin is a dwarven city, but Bronchlin wanted to make a statement of diversity by naming his loyal servant Besetldeed. The PCs cannot decide who to trust given the prophecy they heard from the musicians.

Bronchlin goes with his original choice: Besetldeed, and plans on putting Bludfase on duty away from the temple palace. The PCs plan on observing both Besetldeed and Bludfase.



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