Hidmiquu visits Glans the Human Gemsniffer, who is hostile toward Hid. Hid convinces Glans to send Jonhs to Hid’s apartment for his money. Glans tells Hid that a young boy from Bronchlin’s temple gives him the job orders for Jonhs.

That night, Bludfase calls on the PCs, tells Hidmiquu that they shouldn’t be flashing their badges all over town.

Tweftwim (who appears to be suddenly aged) tells the PCs that there is a Small Council meeting the next day.

At the Small Council, Besetldeed tries to downgrade the badges the PCs got from Bronchlin. Bludfase disagrees and so their badges stay. Besetldeed orders the PCs to kill the cockroaches that are infesting the city.

The PCs visit Sufa Sasog, who tells them that someone, a young boy from Bronchlin’s temple came to order the thousands of cockroaches from him.

Back at the house, the PCs order Tweftwim to summon Golan, the boy librarian. When Tweftwim and Golan return, they are accosted by Jonhs and his gang. Jonhs roughs up Golan, who promptly morphs into a man-sized cockroach. Hidmiquu kills the cockroach, and Jonhs and his gang flee into the streets. There are more giant cockroaches in the streets.

The PCs gather together in their apartment and attempt to leave, but find that they have been teleported into an underground, adamantine, dimensionally anchored seal. Tweftwim starts to age quickly. The Kinematic is at work, aging the PCs. Squarescales, being human is especially vulnerable. Squarescales punches a hole through the dimensional anchor by dispelling a portion of it, and teleports the rest of the party out, into Besetldeed’s library.



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