After teleporting into library, Frengele hears a sound behind one of the back walls. Hidmiquu phase-slides through the wall and sees a round wizard’s casting room with a magic circle. Inside the circle is U’ulgan, and Besetldeed is questioning him. Hid phases back into the library. Frengele fires a couple arrows into the wall, one particularly well shot arrow punches through the 5 foot wall.

Besetldeed looks through the hole and casts prismatic wall, separating the PCs from one another, stranding the ranger. Kerrivious dimension doors into the casting room, and breaks the magic circle, freeing U’ulgan. Squarescales and Hidmiquu phase and teleport into the room. Hid grabs Besetldeed.

Besetldeed casts time stop and traps the PCs in forcecage, reveals a symbol of death and summons an angel. U’ulgan and the angel fight each other. Hid and Squarescales phase and teleport out of the forcecage. Besetldeed casts meteor swarm, doing minimal damage to Kerrivious and Hidmiquu.

A huge elemental and two medium elementals come around the back of the library, where Frengele is trapped. A Solar Angel accompanies them, with his arrows of slaying. Frengele and the Angel have a shoot-out, and Kerrivious fights the huge elemental.

Meanwhile, Squarescales does massive damage to Besetldeed with two tandem disintegrate spells. Hidmiquu attacks Besetldeed again. Besetldeed warns Hid of his “contingencies,” which are “deadly.” Besetldeed uses his ring to cast wail of the banshee, which kills Hidmiquu.

Murcaado’s soul awakens at Hidmiquu’s death, and attempts to take over Squarescale’s body, ordering him “to kill the angel only after you feast on Hidmiquu’s body, and destroy his sword [Protiase]”

The game was called just before Squarescales rolled his will save vs. Murcaado’s soul.

Murcaado – 28
Hidmiquu – 27
Red Angel – 25
Huge Air – 19
Med Air – 15
U’ulgan – 13
Besetldeed – 12
Kerrivious – 12
Squarescales – 12
Solar – 10
Frengele – 10



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