The Battle with Besetldeed continues… Squarescales fails his save against Muurcaado’s soul, and he is ordered to feast on Hidmiquu’s body. However, Squarescales shakes off the domination just before he goes to eat Hid. Squarescales successfully convinces Besetldeed that he is still possessed by Muurcaado.

Meanwhile, Frengele exchanges arrows with a Solar Angel (who tries to use his slaying arrow each round to kill Frengele). The Solar eventually goes down to Frengele’s multishot.

Besetldeed traps Hidmiquu’s body and soul in a gem. He also casts a Wish spell to stop time. He turns Kerrivious to stone, puts Frengele in temporal stasis and orders Muurcaado’s soul to self-destruct Squarescales.

But, Squarescales isn’t actually possessed, and he uses telekenesis to pin and suffocate Besetldeed, knocking him unconscious. Squarescales then kills Besetldeed. U’ulgan leaves the area, killing any angels he sees guarding the place. Squarescales takes his fallen friends into a nearby room, and summons Bludfase and a cleric.

Bludfase and the cleric want to cast zone of truth in order to see if what Squarescales is saying about Besetldeed is true…



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