PCs were granted badges by Bronchlin. These turn out to be Diastchlin Defender Captain badges, normally worn by high ranking Dwarven Defenders.

PCs are told by Besetldeed that their apartments were overrun by cockroaches, and that they will need to sleep in the royal apartments at the temple.

Party consolidates their treasure, and sells off trade-in items, upgrading their equipment (Boots of flying, Robe of Archmagi w/+6 Cha, Genez’s +1 Adamantine Gim of Outsider Bane, etc.)

Party then suspects something strange about Besetldeed’s story that their apartments were infested with cockroaches. They investigate the rooms. The rooms are guarded by Ospik the Dwarven Defender, and a small contingent of guards. Invisibly, Hidmiquu sees that indeed, there were many thousands of cockroaches in the apartments. He also discovers Jonhs the Janitor inside, collecting bags. Jonhs seems shady as he attempts to hide when he hears someone coming. He says that the bags contained poison, and that he was asked to clean them up.

The party agrees to split up—Hidmiquu tails Jonhs and Squarescales, Frengele, and Kerrivious go to the Lajma intake warehouses to investigate the “S” symbol that was seen on the bags that Jonhs was cleaning up.

Jonhs enteres a pub, leaving the bags outside. Hid follows him in, and eventually Hid gives some money to a dwarf in order to keep an eye on Jonhs. The dwarf immediately buys Jonhs a drink. Hid discovers that the bags Jonhs left outside are gone.

Squarescales discovers that the bags came from an animal importer called Sufa Sasog. Their shop is in the Warehouse District.

Hid follows Jonhs to his house in the Stevedore’s District, and phases into his house behind him. Hid discovers an envelope, with an armorer’s address and the number “100” written in large letters below the address.



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