During the battle against the Bone Naga, Hyrodid and Kerrivious were transported to another dimension. The Mutant Guide advised the PCs that the Bebelith Porter could open a multi-portal and find the missing NPCs.

PCs are further guided by The Mutant Guide and by Palps, with Kiva and Nataza.

They face the Bebelith Porter, Gethshuq, who asks them to bow down to Lolth. He is impressed that they killed an ambassador of Orcus, and especially with Spinney’s ability to spot the bebelith in hiding. Gethshuq grants Spinney the power of Lolth (increasing Spinney’s hitpoints and conferring the ability to quick cast 1 spell per encounter, and +10 to Spell Penetration to Squarescales.)

The PCs take a shortcut and have to fight a Glabrezu and a couple haughty armored drow guards. They then take a secret door to Lolth’s grand chambers, entering in the mirror room before the great room.

There, a white dragon and a Chasme assassin are standing guard and attack on sight. The dragon’s breath weapon and the Chasme’s darkness ability neuter Frengele, but Squarescales is able to blast many fireballs and lighting bolts to kill the foes.

Three aspects of Lolth appear: The Feast, The Envoy, and The Womb. She resurrects the slain Palps and forces the PCs against the wall as she copulates and eats Palps, Nataza, and Kiva. She grants them one request in her lusty afterglow, and the PCs ask for passage to Muurcaado’s lair. She activates the mirror portals, and restores the PCs as if they had rested for a full day.



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