PCs enter Lolth’s portal, fall into freezing water. Take damage from cold environment.

Spinney surveys the area and sees that there is an iceberg a mile away and an island a half mile away. They summon eagles and go to the island.

At the island, they find shelter and start tracking some large animal.

They come across a large gnoll who looks like Yeenoghu, the god of the gnolls. He is using a dart rifle and hunting a lizardeer. He shoots the lizardeer and Frengele also shoots it. The lizardeer staggers to unconsciousness. Yeenoghu hears Hidmiquu sneaking up and calls out to Flaptus. Hid pretends to be Flaptus, successfully Because Yeenoghu is CE, Hidmiquu attacks and kills Yeenoghu. Frengele takes the dart gun.

Flaptus arrives in a gyrocopter and is afraid when he sees the Aspect of Yeenoghu dead. He abandons the party after telling them there is shelter in the southeast.

The PCs find the shelter (with the symbol of Yeenoghu above the door), and find finely appointed but very small accommodations within. Squarescales finds one of Flaptus’ notebooks detailing weapons sales to Yeenoghu.

The PCs rest up and make coats for themselves out of the lizardeer and bugbear rugs in the shelter, then they summon some eagles and fly out to the iceberg. It is crawling with white dragon hatchlings.



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