Magic Items

Bracers of Arcane Freedom (magic item compendium p.80) Cast arcane spells without somatic components twice/day.

The Hand Buys Squarescales a Gem of True Seeing

Buys Hidmiquu Skin Of the Celestial (magic item compendium p. 169)

Buys Frengele Quiver of Energy (magic item compendium p. 172) move action to fill quiver.



PCs discover Flotche selling his foul wares in the merchant district of Diastchlin. Hid knocks him out, summons "street judges" and they find some foul animal remnants in his box. Flotche is arrested, and Hidmiquu is sentenced to 30 days for hitting. Hid talks his way out of getting arrested, so they defer his sentence.

PCs are told there is an Earthquake-like rift appearing in Estron. There are reports that this might lead to the lair of Murcaado. After getting magic items and resting, PCs take screwpods to Estron from Diastchlin. 


They arrive and see a valley before them. Beyond the valley is a plateau with the rift rumbling and spewing matter. 


Kill ten orcs


Face an Elder Odopi, kill it (MM3 p. 114) 

Otyughs and Omnimentals

PC approach the rift, ash falls from the sky.

 Hidmiquu gets to the banks of a slowly flowing mass of thousands of Otyughs, feasting on a flow of sewage.

As PCs approach the rift, a cloud of ash appears. Spinney recons the cloud, and sees a disturbance in the center. Hid moves in, and provokes from the Omnimental within. The cloud obscures vision for a couple rounds, and the Omnimental gets a few hits on Hidmiquu, and knocks him over with an Awesome blow.  The smoke starts to clear, and Frengele is able to shoot. Hid is knocked prone again, and breathes a cold breath weapon, causing the Omnimental to break into 4 huge elementals, fire, earth, air, water.  Fire is killed by Frengele's cold arrows. A combination of Squarescale's lightning bolts, Frengele's arrows and Hid's flurry of blows  finishes the rest (after Hyrodid is dumped in the water by the air elemental).




PCs find crevasse-like rift in ground, 300 ft deep 1/2 mile long, with lava flowing up the far end. There are ledges leading to a cavern at the bottom. As Hidmiquu enters the rift, he and Squarescales have a vision of the Mutant Guide. Hidmiquu also sees a bridge over a pit of fire, and intuits its direction from his current location.


The PCs enter a hewn stone corridor, and they travel for a mile. Frengele detects that they are descending slowly as they walk. At the mile point, Hidmiquu senses that the Mutant Guide is beyond the southern wall on their right. There is a secret door there, and it is trapped, according to Squarescales' wand. They break the hardened seal on the door, and disable the trap. They enter a narrow corridor beyond and trigger another trap that causes lava to flow down the corridor behind them. Squarescales puts up a wall of force that stops the flow.


The PCs find the fire pit with the bridge, and Hid discerns that the Mutant Guide is there. The bridge leads to a red-brick keep. Within the keep are two beautiful women, called Nataz and Kiva. They are very friendly and frisky, flirting openly with all the PCs. Hidmiquu invisibly investigates the keep as the others have tea with the women. No one drinks the tea. Hidmiquu almost falls into the fire pit when he phases beyond a door that leads to the outside.


Squarescales sleeps with Kiva and Nataza both. Hidmiquu and Frengele snoop around the house above the fire pit. Hid finds a library with many books and scrolls.

Hid then phases into a room containing Palps, the fly-man. Nataza and Kiva both return to the locked study where Hid and Palps are talking. Nataza and Kiva bend over for Palps and he checks for squarescales’. Palps then summoned The Mutant guide from his alternate dimension.

Palps explains that he needs the seed to woo the evil goddess Lolth. The Mutant guide explains that his purpose is to lead someone to Lolth’s audience chamber, they both expect to be killed by Lolth during the mating process. An omen told them that they would lead the PCs to Lolth, who guarded the entrance to Murcaado’s lair.

The PCs eat some Sigil Mints, which heal the PCs. The Sigil Mints will rot almost immediately when taken from their pots.


Party is guided by the Mutant Guide and Palps into the Demonweb. There they come into contact with a servant of Orcus, the Bone Naga Ambassador. They kill this ambassador, who is accompanied by two Ogre Zombies.


During the battle against the Bone Naga, Hyrodid and Kerrivious were transported to another dimension. The Mutant Guide advised the PCs that the Bebelith Porter could open a multi-portal and find the missing NPCs.

PCs are further guided by The Mutant Guide and by Palps, with Kiva and Nataza.

They face the Bebelith Porter, Gethshuq, who asks them to bow down to Lolth. He is impressed that they killed an ambassador of Orcus, and especially with Spinney’s ability to spot the bebelith in hiding. Gethshuq grants Spinney the power of Lolth (increasing Spinney’s hitpoints and conferring the ability to quick cast 1 spell per encounter, and +10 to Spell Penetration to Squarescales.)

The PCs take a shortcut and have to fight a Glabrezu and a couple haughty armored drow guards. They then take a secret door to Lolth’s grand chambers, entering in the mirror room before the great room.

There, a white dragon and a Chasme assassin are standing guard and attack on sight. The dragon’s breath weapon and the Chasme’s darkness ability neuter Frengele, but Squarescales is able to blast many fireballs and lighting bolts to kill the foes.

Three aspects of Lolth appear: The Feast, The Envoy, and The Womb. She resurrects the slain Palps and forces the PCs against the wall as she copulates and eats Palps, Nataza, and Kiva. She grants them one request in her lusty afterglow, and the PCs ask for passage to Muurcaado’s lair. She activates the mirror portals, and restores the PCs as if they had rested for a full day.


PCs enter Lolth’s portal, fall into freezing water. Take damage from cold environment.

Spinney surveys the area and sees that there is an iceberg a mile away and an island a half mile away. They summon eagles and go to the island.

At the island, they find shelter and start tracking some large animal.

They come across a large gnoll who looks like Yeenoghu, the god of the gnolls. He is using a dart rifle and hunting a lizardeer. He shoots the lizardeer and Frengele also shoots it. The lizardeer staggers to unconsciousness. Yeenoghu hears Hidmiquu sneaking up and calls out to Flaptus. Hid pretends to be Flaptus, successfully Because Yeenoghu is CE, Hidmiquu attacks and kills Yeenoghu. Frengele takes the dart gun.

Flaptus arrives in a gyrocopter and is afraid when he sees the Aspect of Yeenoghu dead. He abandons the party after telling them there is shelter in the southeast.

The PCs find the shelter (with the symbol of Yeenoghu above the door), and find finely appointed but very small accommodations within. Squarescales finds one of Flaptus’ notebooks detailing weapons sales to Yeenoghu.

The PCs rest up and make coats for themselves out of the lizardeer and bugbear rugs in the shelter, then they summon some eagles and fly out to the iceberg. It is crawling with white dragon hatchlings.


PCs speak with Grazz’t at the entrance to the iceberg lair. Grazzt offers protection, etc. PCs blow him off. He shrugs and teleports away.

They enter the caves and a magic mouth gives them a trivia question about Speeceti, which they answer, and it tells them to watch their steps. Squarescales detects magic and find some spots on the ground. The PCs avoid these spots.

They enter a large prison room with two prisoners, a sleeping ogre and a dreadlock guy, who is swaying to some distant music. His name is jerry and he goads the PCs into using up their fire abilities in order to penetrate the ceiling—he claims Muurcaado is there. They breach the ceiling and find only an abandoned trash room.

Squarescales approaches Jerry and he is actually a tentacle sticking through the floor. It attacks. One of the PCs casts a wall of fire on the floor, to create a hole to get through. Muurcaado breaks through the hole first and breathes on the PCs then casts freezing fog on Squarescales and Frengele. She then tries to focus on Hidmiquu, but Hid has Protiase the Dragonbane Gim, and he wounds her badly.

Squarescales dispels the freezing fog and uses a quickened, maximized, fireball, which brings Muurcaado to the brink of death. Hidmiquu finishes her off, but she has an orb phylactery of a dracolich. Protiase tells Hid to destroy the orb before Muurcaado can rise again as a dracolich. Frengele hits the orb with a critical arrow and shatters it.

The soul of Muurcaado, interrupted during the phylactery transfer, goes into Squarescales’ body, giving him an extra level of Dragon Disciple, but cursing him with Muurcaado’s desires.

The PCs have to deal with the musicians in the room, and the treasure.

Musicians & Treasure

At the Heart of the Land
Resides the Dragon’s Hand
Now a dwarf, once a wing
Now a poisonous sting

A god goes to the seat of his lord
His thralls their duties will abort
Angel feathers smite demon tails
Who truly wields the righteous scales?

At the Heart of the Land
Resides the Dragon’s Hand
Now a dwarf, once a wing
Now a poisonous sting

The council of wroth and evil mind
May be the wisdom to save his kind
Whose faithfulness will be put to test
Who will show their bloodiest best?

To return to the Heart of the Land
Back to the palm of the Hand
You must partake of the wing
And then you may sing


PCs open chests in Murcaado’s Lair, some of them are trapped, but no lasting harm comes to them (Squarescales has -4 temporary strength damage). Within the chests are 100,000 gp worth of art objects, coins and a suit of magic armor. Frengele also skins Murcaado and gets two masterwork and one normal hide armor’s worth of scales from the dragon.

Near the chests was a cone of incense that caused the PCs to have a vision: Angels like bugs on their bodies, the angels are swept away and a great green and glittering vista opens before them. Bronchlin appears, with Bludfase on his back. Bronchlin points to a river going east, and then points to himself. The vision ends and the PCs can understand the music of the musicians.

The party breaks through the ice and discovers a rushing river below. They take the very heavy chests and dive into the east-flowing river, pulling the chests along with them. A short time later a trap door appears in the underground river. Hidmiquu fails to get his chest out of the hole, but Squarescales casts web and catches him before he and the chest float away.

Inside the trapdoor, the PCs are greeted by a gruff dwarven guard. They appear to be in Diastchlin. Eventually, the Dwarves let the PCs go and they are able to return to their apartments in the city. They are informed by Tweftwim that Bronchlin is intent on leaving the city to visit his lord Menduga at Central Ventral and that he is choosing a new Hand.

The PCs go to Bronchlin’s palace temple and see U’ulgan there. U’ulgan agrees that they should barge in on the meeting and say their peace. They do so and are greeted warmly by the Gold Dragon God Bronchlin. There are debates on both sides about who should be the Hand; Bludfase thinks it should be a dwarf as Diastchlin is a dwarven city, but Bronchlin wanted to make a statement of diversity by naming his loyal servant Besetldeed. The PCs cannot decide who to trust given the prophecy they heard from the musicians.

Bronchlin goes with his original choice: Besetldeed, and plans on putting Bludfase on duty away from the temple palace. The PCs plan on observing both Besetldeed and Bludfase.


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